Three Types of Unities and the Power of the Risen Messiah

In this article, I will continue my reflections on Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians. Paul’s central thought is the restoration of the three types of unities. They were all part of God's plan, but they all became degraded for various reasons. Adam was meant to bring restoration to these unities, but the sin of the first people aggravated everything. However, when the last Adam Yeshua of Nazarethdied and rose from the dead, powers were revealed that did not exist before – powers for the consistent restoration of everything!

Unity of Heaven and Earth

Ephesians Chapter 1 says that Yeshua united / restored / healed the heavenly and the earthly in Himself. "that all things in heaven and on earth may be united under the head of Christ." (Vs. 10) Our role in this ongoing process is essential, but not very clear. Important concepts sometimes challenge our ability to understand. Still, it is important to think about our role in this process. In Him we are yet seated in Heaven!

Unity Between the Nations and Israel

The peoples who fell spiritually and intellectually in the days of the Tower of Babel suddenly received hope. That hope was the coming of Abraham, in which all the nations of the earth were to be blessed and healed. Here the expectations of David and his Tabernacle, also the porch of the gentiles/nations in the second Temple, and the prophecies of the prophets are incarnated.

The power of the risen Messiah gave practical realization to these expectations. (Vs. 16) and to reconcile in one body both (nations and Jews) to God by means of the cross, killing the enmity on it."(Ephesians 2:15-16). This is a wonderful promise that brings many blessings to all creation, but unfortunately, due to the pride of people, it has not yet reached perfection.

Paul devotes three and a half chapters of the epistle to this reasoning, but the last 2,000 years still show that the goal has not been fully achieved. WE SHOULD PERFORM IT. We must humble ourselves and, in the spirit of the Messiah, become mediators between the Church of the nations and the Jews, so that the cause of the Messiah will triumph!

Unity Between Man and Woman

The last, but very important, unity is the family: husband and wife. “Let a wife respect her husband.(Eph 5:22), and “A husband does everything for the good of his wife.(Eph 5:28) It would seem a common truth. But we all see a lot of failing marriages. The fault is the inability to humble ourselves and allow God's Spirit into marriage; yet there is hope. There is wisdom from the Lord, and there is a “spiritual armor” with which you can crush the plans of the evil one. His machinations destroy mutual respect and the ability to cultivate holiness in our homes! And it is important that the divine “Yud” and “Hey” become integral parts of the familyto ISH (male) and ISHA (female)and then healing will overwhelm the houses of believers and make a divine sensation on the outside, giving them the strength to see the glory of the Creator and return to the days when "many joined them because they saw the glory of God in them."

Ephesians is not just a theory. This is an opportunity to receive revelation from God and bring it to life. I pray that the Lord would use each of us!

Please pray for us. Pray and participate in the ministry of Shavei Zion for the people of Israel!


Leon Mazin

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