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Thank you for being with us throughout 2022. With your support, we were able to serve the Lord effectively in Israel!

Passing into the new year 2023, we feel the importance of the words of Yeshua, who commanded, “When the Holy Spirit descends on you, you will receive strength and will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

In recent weeks in the congregation we have been studying Ephesians. Paul says, “You may see my understanding of the mystery of Christ, which was not proclaimed to former generations… so that even the Gentiles may be joint heirs, who are one body… in Christ Jesus.” Ephesians 3:4-6

We know that attempts to evangelize the Gentiles have been constant in the history of Israel. For example, the bible tells us about Abraham with his hospitality, his stay in Egypt, with the opportunity to speak to the Egyptians about the One God. And we read about the attempts of the kings David and Solomon to build a “court of the Gentiles” at the temple. Still, the people of Israel, as it were, lacked maturity and strength to carry out this divine plan.

But Yeshua, the son of God, died and rose again. And the forces that were not present in the world before were released, and these forces were renewed in Israel, energizing believers with the ability to reach out to closed hearts. And for the pagans–who had gone too far from the truth in their delusions–the ability to perform Teshuvah / Turn to the Truth, together with Israel to follow the path of God's promises, to become children of God walking in the Light of the Messiah.

What can we do? Probably, words about “special boldness and courage, deepening into the Word and prayer” are probably redundant. We are who we are, and achieving more is not easy. But Paul's simple words to the Ephesians encourage us to stand with clarity and humility, and to develop what each of us has been given individually.

For some it is prayer, but for some it is just words of encouragement for another, not “achieving more” or “competing with the strong”, as various “coaches” teach us non-stop, but the realization of oneself, only one’s personal gift for the benefit of the community / people / neighbors/ Then we are the ones who, as the companions of the Messiah, fulfill our destiny. This seems simple, but it is what the Lord expects from each of us, and He turns it into the power that changes the world around us.

Our wish for everyone in 2023 is to realize their personal gifts, revealing the Spirit of the Messiah in themselves and, through their good deeds, bringing and proclaiming the Light of the Messiah to others!


Leon Mazin

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