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The Return of Israel

  Looking forward to the return of Israel! This is like a sign the Lord will show us Dear brothers and sisters in Yeshua, Blessings, and peace to you from our Heavenly Father. In prayer for you and your families! And with great gratitude that you are in partnership with Shavei Zion. We seek the will of the Father and try to move in it! In the period between Pesach and Shavuot, which is called Sefirat Omer (Counting of the Omer), there are usually no weddings or any organized fun. The reason has to do with the memory of the death of Rabbi Akiva, who is a very famous figure in Orthodox Judaism, but a problematic figure for Messianic believers. As some Messianic researchers say, it was Rabbi Akiva, who declared Bar Kochba the Messiah, who destroyed the unity in the country of Israel and provoked a confrontation in the camp of the Jewish army, which was half Messianic Jews. Given that these dates also usually fall on the Holocaust Remembrance Day, and the Day of Remembrance of those

With God's help, we'll get through...

          For Yeshua , our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed. 1 Corinthians 5 :7 NIV The special time, when according to the Biblical calendar we celebrate the holiday of Unleavened Bread and the Exodus from the house of slavery, I wish you health , success, and victories. Let’s be honest , we are not living in simple easy times . The whole world is focused on the situation between Ukraine and Russia, we see how various spiritual forces both good and bad are activ e . Unfortunately, these days Israel is being shaken by brutal terrorist attacks. In just three weeks, fourteen people were murdered by terrorists. Pain, anger, disappointment. . . All this is our pre - Passover experience. I think many are disappointed with the government's policy of not being able to solve internal problems… Speaking of news near home – at Return to Zion , three staff members of our Ministry are ill with Covid , as well as m any others in the Congregation, which prompts me to ask