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Annual Report - 2022

  Shalom dear friends, brothers and sisters, and partners in service for Zion. I would like to report to you in general about this past year. I hope that each year makes us all wiser, more experienced, more dependent on the Lord God, and more willing to do His will. 2021 was remembered by many for the difficulties with Covid (I personally spent nine days in the hospital, and thanks to the Grace of God I survived.), then 2022 became a year of many corrections. Unfortunately, Covid did not go away in 2022. Unfortunately, the war between Russia and Ukraine began, we saw troubles and flows of refugees in Europe, and we saw new immigrants and refugees from this war in Israel. All this causes a lot of sadness and expectations of future upheavals. The Holy Scriptures write about “coming upheavals,” but the main instructions for us in this context are the words: “... do not fear what they fear, serve the Lord your God ...” and “... raise your eyes to the mountains; from there Salvation w

Proclaiming the Light of the Messiah to others!

  Thank you for being with us throughout 2022. With your support, we were able to serve the Lord effectively in Israel! Passing into the new year 2023, we feel the importance of the words of Yeshua , who commanded , “When the Holy Spirit descends on you, you will receive strength and will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8 In recent weeks in the congregation we have been studying Ephesians. Paul says, “You may see my understanding of the mystery of Christ, which was not proclaimed to former generations… so that even the Gentiles may be joint heirs, who are one body… in Christ Jesus .” Ephesians 3:4-6 We know that attempts to evangelize the Gentiles have been constant in the history of Israel. For example, the bible tells us about Abraham with his hospitality, his stay in Egypt, with the opportunity to speak to the Egyptians about the One God . And we read about the attempts of the kings David and Solomon to bu