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Three Types of Unities and the Power of the Risen Messiah

In this article, I will continue my reflections on Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians. Paul ’s central thought is the restoration of the three types of unities. They were all part of God's plan , but they all became degraded for various reasons. Adam was meant to bring restoration to these unities , b ut the sin of the first people aggravated everything. However, when the last Adam – Yeshua of Nazareth – died and rose from the dead, powers were revealed that did not exist before – p owers for the consistent restoration of everything! Unity of Heaven and Earth Ephesians Chapter 1 says that Yeshua united / restored / healed the heavenly and the earthly in Himself. " … that all things in heaven and on earth may be united under the head of Christ." (Vs. 10) O ur role in this ongoing process is essential, but not very clear . Important concepts sometimes challenge our ability to understand. Still, it is important to think about our role in this process. In Him