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A whirlpool of events... And this is from the Lord!!!

  Congregation news: lots of meetings. Feast of Trumpets, day of atonement, Sukkot and, of course, Simchat Torah (Torah holiday). We have had lots of guests from all over the world — from China to Latvia and Norway. We have seen the ministry of prophecy and words of knowledge, and it was a special time to be renewed in the presence of the Lord and with family and friends from all over the world. WE ARE GLADLY TIRED. Everyone wanted this celebration, and in a sense, in the "incomprehensible situation" that is around us, it was a wonderful time from the Lord. The “situation around” is not clear with our government elections (I ask for your prayers for the Will of God). There are a lot of military rumors around, and the situation with the Russia / Ukraine war has a very strong influence on us. With the influx of NEW OLIM (IMMIGRANTS) AND REFUGEES, we urgently need to “examine” our finances!!! We have helped hundreds of people from Ukraine and Russia in recent months as more an